Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm going to save my overall review of the museeuw until the end of the trip when I've had the chance to train and race on the bike. But I will provide a brief preview of a unexpected yet capable side to the bike's performance.

I've taken a bit of a vacation from my vacation with a two day trip to Amsterdam. Naturally I brought the bike. I've heard people say that road bikes don't make good around towners but I've always disagreed with that. They're agile, they break and accelerate well and they're are light. What better attributes to have on a bike that must dart in and out of tight spots? The museeuw has all these traits in spades.

After getting into the city center this afternoon there was some trouble with my reservation at the hotel which netted me a business class room upgrade. That was a win. Driving into the center of the city got a little hairy. The streets kept getting smaller and smaller as the gps lead me deeper into the city. The Citeton I rented is a mid sized car, and at one point the streets we just inches wide enough for the mirrors to squeeze through.

After an unfortunate lunch of fried and breaded mayonnaise meat and a couple of beers I thought a little recovery ride would do me well. The weather here in Amsterdam is a perfect summer day, 76 degrees no humidity and sun. My legs were feeling the effects of the past 4 days and 300 kilometers so the bike is the perfect companion spin out the sore muscles.

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  1. Gary L. Mitchell, Jr.August 28, 2009 at 9:44 PM

    Fried and breaded mayonaise meat? Is that some kind of kroquet?