Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Pause in the Action

The results are in - but I'm going to hold back on the definitive race report. Consider this post a brief interlude where I'll deliver on the beer portion the this Blog's sub header. For those with a singular fixation on bike racing I have two comments. One, the next series of photos offer a foreshadowing how the race went. Two, I'm trying to upload a massive HD race highlight video from this beach side cafe here in Oostende and it doesn't look like I'm going to make it before they kick me out of here. As I want to deliver a complete race report with accompanying video, you'll just have to wait for until I can get to a faster upload connection.

So pull up to the cafe table and have a look at some of beers I've consumed on this trip.
Here to the left is a Leffe Bruin, from the balcony of my aunt's apartment in Oostende. A nice view and a good beer as well.

To the right is a Grolsch from my trip to Amsterdam. When in Holland, Drink Dutch beer, no?

Below left, is another from Holland. I'm not generally a fan of Amstel, but this one tasted good on the hot sun with frittes.

Here's the last one from the Netherlands. (below, right) This one accompanied a big pot of dutch style muscles. Delicious!

Here's another Leffe Bruin ( below, right) - this, from the very cafe in Oostende that offers free internet where I've posted nearly all of the uploads on this trip. Also the reason why there have been so many typos and misspelled words in this blog!

And finally this isn't a beer at all - but speaks volumes.


  1. Gary L Mitchell, Jr.August 29, 2009 at 9:48 PM

    What a fantastic view from your aunt's balcony!

  2. It is a nice view - it's looks east and on a clear day you can see the towers of Brugge about 25 kilometers away. Another interesting thing to note about this picture is the body of water featured. It's a man made "lake" called Spuikom. It was built by the occupying Germans during WWII as a sea plane landing port. Now it serves a training school for aspiring sailors and wind surfers.