Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 2 on the Bike (update)

[update] I accidentally deleted the GPS file of this ride! What a bummer. There will be no map - but I will put up some pics of Dunkerke and my road friend Kristof.

Yesterday was an epic haul. Did 135 kilometers from Oostend to Dunkerke crossing the boarder, then to the walled midevil city of Bergues. I met a cyclist names Kristof who was also headed back to Oostend. He showed be a back way through the country side and along the canals and through little villages that looked right out of a stage of the Ronde Van vlandren or Gent Wevelgem. We pushed eachother keeping the pace up above 35k.

In the small town of Gistel about 10k outside of Oostend we stopped at the Johan Museeuw musuem of sorts that has his trophies and jersys in the window. For the last 10k back home the never ending wind hit us head making for the longest 10k I've ever ridden.

When I'm able to get in some real Internet again Ill updat this post with picks, a map and some more detail. I also have some videos ready to link to.

Today is the local oostend group ride from the bike shop where I got the bike. The long and fast ride will put another 100k into my legs.

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